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What is the harm of smoking on women?

What is the harm of smoking on women ?

The harm of smoking on women because of the compounds that can be exposed to our body is cigarette smoke, because it contains 4,000 harmful chemicals, standing on top of which is nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, benzol, chromium, cadmium, vinyl chloride and arsenic, each of which is a major cause of cancer, so how would we be if we were exposed to all of them.

It may not only be about internal health risks, but it also extends to external beauty issues such as skin aging, premature wrinkles, tooth damage, hair loss, and muscle mass loss.

  • Early changes in smoking women
  • Facial wrinkles, eye, and ear grooves
  • The pallor of the skin to yellow or orange color
  • Discoloration of teeth and nails and yellowing of the ends of the fingers
  • Lines around the lips, eyelids, upper jaw
  • The appearance and visibility of blood vessels on the surface of the skin clearly

Skin aging

Nicotine causes hypoxia and perfusion of skin cells, causing their weakness, lack of elasticity, and moisture, causing premature skin aging.

Skin infections

Smokers are more susceptible than others to skin infections, due to weak cells in the body and weak immune systems, so infections abound in the most susceptible areas of bacteria, including the skin and genital areas.

Skin cancer

Smoking increases the risk of skin cancer, mouth, and lip, tobacco substances cause skin weakness and increased sun exposure leading to skin cancer in women.

Skin disorders

Smoking exacerbates skin disorders, such as pimples, acne, psoriasis, and hidradenitis (chronic and long-term inflammation) in the armpit, under the breast, groin, and genital areas.

Smoking delays the healing of skin wounds

Smoking has serious effects on the healing of skin injuries and surgical wounds with an increased risk of infection and complications, due to the weakening or death of skin tissue as a result of hypoxia, and increases diabetic foot ulcers in patients with diabetes.

Skin diseases associated with the lip and mouth

Smoking causes discoloration and cracking of the roof of the throat, damage to the tongue, increased secretion of melanin in the gums and pigmentation, as a result of increased heat from cigarette smoke.

Tips for quitting smoking

  • Learn the dangers of smoking
  • Drink our daily need of water
  • Relieve drinking caffeine because it triggers the urge to smoke
  • Try to drink green tea and cinnamon, both of which limit the desire for nicotine
  • Chewing gum and doing deep breathing exercises every time we feel the urge to smoke
  • Lifestyle changes by moving to yoga and meditation, promoting positive thoughts, and relieving psychological fatigue

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