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What is the harm of wearing tight shoes?

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The harm of wearing tight shoes - buying shoes is important in the fashion world, and we may choose our shoes according to fashion standards without caring about the health of our bodies.

Which are negatively affected over time. So we find the need to consider elegance but with safety conditions that one of its approaches.

It is the choice of shoes that suit our oldest and the environment in which we walk.

And we should know that the amount of pressure in a tight shoe will increase on the feet by three times the weight of the body.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the issue of foot health in Japan has become a major concern among public health professionals.

This allowed school children to complete their entire school day without wearing shoes, in order to reduce future body diseases.

Damage to the spine and feet

The first criterion of Health is the suitability of the shoe for the foot in size and shape, the convenience of walking affects all organs of the body.

Especially the spine, although the small size of the shoe at its peak is one of the greatest stresses that cause tension of the feet and difficulty walking.

The occurrence of friction generated by thick skin layers and deformation of the vertebrae of the spine.

A lump or an inflamed tumor

Experts do not associate tight shoes with the occurrence of a wedge that causes the big finger bone to protrude toward the side.

But they think tight shoes are dangerous in pushing the big toe bone forward to get out of the way, hindering movement and walking.

Deformation of fingers and joint

Tight shoes can cause the fingers to wrap on each other with claws, usually the second finger.

And central regions most affected in this process and utilities severe pain and vinegar radar joint of the fingers or receiving detailed knees with difficulty walking .

Fungus and athlete's foot

If the shoes are too thick, padded and sweat-proof with a lack of ventilation, this will provide the right environment for the occurrence of.

Serious diseases, the most prominent of which is the disease of the athlete's foot, along with the occurrence of itching transmitted as a fungal infection of all fingers.

Pain and calcification of the heel

High heels are a favorite thing of women when buying shoes, but it is an unhealthy habit that causes pain.

Weakness in the tendons of the feet, and can end with calcification of the heel bone, which causes severe pain in the long run.

Metatarsal inflammation

A tight shoe may cause bruises and injuries to the metatarsal, and may develop an inflamed and ulcerated foot.

To cause severe pain that may be associated with tingling and numbness associated with nerve damage, and is considered a serious condition that causes.

Use crutches until they are cured.

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