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What is the harm of weight gain?

What is the harm of weight gain?

Harm of weight gain pregnant many women ignore weight gain, and do not take appropriate measures in time to control the weight, and always say that prevention is better than treatment, doctors always confirm that obesity is caused by frequent eating and lack of movement.

There is a difference between obesity and overweight, overweight does not mean obesity unless the BMI is more than(30) kg / m2.

  • Measuring body mass index
  • BMI is calculated by the equation of weight and height :
  • BMI = body weight in kilograms ÷ (length in meters x length in meters).
  • The length of the body should be converted to one meter.

The multiplication must be done first, then the division, and then we compare the output as follows :

  • Thinness if less than 18,5.
  • Normal weight from (18,5) to (24,9).
  • Weight gain from (25) to (29,9).
  • Obesity and obesity over 30.

BMI is the most commonly used, but it is not an accurate measure, because weight gain may be caused by muscle mass and not fat, and this is a good indicator of health, but what is important to us is to measure body mass and make the decision to lose weight before pregnancy occurs.

Chance of pregnancy affected by obesity?

Being overweight reduces the chance of becoming pregnant, however, it is not impossible, but carries some risks for the mother and fetus, which are as follows :

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes triples when obese compared to normal weight often goes away after childbearing but is dangerous for diabetics.

Blood clots

Incidence of blood clots in pregnant women wears compared with non-pregnant women and the proportion of injury when obesity (especially in the legs).


Preeclampsia (pre-eclampsia) is a condition of high blood pressure or high protein in the urine, which causes swelling of the ankles, feet, hands, rib pain, and issues such as vision and headache, and the incidence increases when obese.

Vitamin D deficiency)

Pregnant women with obesity are prone to vitamin D deficiency, so we find it necessary to consult a doctor before taking supplements.

Complications of childbirth

The chances of bleeding in obesity increase and a cesarean section may be required.

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