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What is the list of healthy food alternatives?

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    Healthy food alternatives are essential when seeking to make serious healthy lifestyle and diet changes, you can start by replacing certain ingredients such as butter, oil, cream, eggs, and others in baked recipes with other, healthier ingredients.
  • In addition, you can look for better alternatives to cooking recipes and desserts in general, to reduce calorie intake without affecting the taste.
  • So we will offer some effective healthy food alternatives for fat-free cooking :
  • To begin with, half or 3/4 of the amount of oil or butter required for sweet and soft pastry recipes can be replaced with unsweetened apple juice ( preferably homemade), and to measure and estimate the amount of juice required a liquid measuring cup can be used.
  • Pear juice can also be used, also when preparing a breeze recipe, a glass of butter can be replaced with an equal amount of avocado puree, because it has a creamy texture and an unremarkable flavor.
  • When looking for a healthy ingredient for less calorie and fat mayonnaise, sour cream, and cream cheese can be used low-fat yogurt.
  • Various foods can be used to prepare a vegetable dip or used as a marinade, such as mixing yogurt with a little coriander.
  • When you want to eat a vegetarian alternative to mayonnaise, you can eat mayonnaise, which is made from soy and contains only half the calories and fat found in mayonnaise.
  • Replace the cream required for the recipe with skimmed evaporated milk.
  • To replace whipped cream, he creates partially frozen evaporated milk for a while, and for heavy cream, whole evaporated milk is used.
  • Some choose to eat yogurt-flavored eyeliner operations, believing that it's healthy, but it contains sugar set thermal and more, the alternative here is to eat yogurt without added flavoring with fresh fruit and a delicious. It is not a canned fruit where it is preserved with a heavy drink that contains more sugar and calories than fresh or those preserved with its natural juice.
  • Preference for green or black tea over coffee that has a higher level of caffeine, and both previous types of tea help in the weight loss regime.
  • To reduce carbohydrates in pasta/ pasta recipes the latter can be replaced with zucchini spaghetti in the form of thin strips, simply baked or roasted for a few minutes, pumpkin spaghetti can also be eaten.
  • To replace eggs in baked recipes, water-soaked chia seeds can be used.
  • To replace one egg, save tbsp of thing in a quarter cup of water for about 15 minutes. Where a gelatinous mixture is formed, it can be used for egg-free pastries.
  • Chia seeds can be used in soups, soups, marinated, and others instead of corn starch.
  • Salted breadcrumbs can be replaced with oat flakes or mashed barley grains, and to improve flavor oat flakes can be used with herbs.

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