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What is the shelf life of eggs in the refrigerator ?

What is the shelf life of eggs in the refrigerator ?

The validity period of the house and when can I become unfit for human use, an area of great importance, especially when the eggs enter in the preparation of many dishes that promise to her almost daily, What are the signs that indicate that the eggs in the refrigerator and outside the refrigerator became unfit for use 

Signs that determine the viability of eggs

  1. the egg slowly loses moisture through its shell casing and an air pocket appears at one end from the inside
  2. the old egg has a larger air pocket than the new one, which makes the egg float in cold water .
  3. if the home is new and in good condition it will continue to be in the hall because the air pocket small't carry the egg .
  4. Eggs are recommended to be kept in the refrigerator after washing or covering and consumed within 10 days .
  5. it is best to buy small amounts of eggs to enjoy them fresh .

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