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What is the treatment of gout naturally?

What is the treatment of gout naturally ?

Treatment of gout which is considered a proactive form of arthritis is caused by a high content of uric acid in the blood, and therefore urate crystals collect in the articular fluid, tendons, and surrounding tissues.

In this context, the symptoms of the disease are manifested by pain and swelling, and the disease is diagnosed naturally, and doctors hope today with natural remedies to avoid the side effects caused by gout medications, so studies recommend the following treatments :

Diagnosis and treatment

The doctor is the best person to diagnose the treatment by examination and analysis, to support the health of the kidneys and the health of the natural remedies that we will provide.

Internal treatment

Fenugreek seeds

Limit the process of development of the disease to inflammation, relieve swelling, so a spoonful of fenugreek is soaked with half a glass of water, drink water, and chew the seeds in the morning.


It treats gout from its roots, for its ability to expel excess uric acid out of the body, and treatment is carried out by consuming raw garlic directly.


 It inhibits certain enzymes that produce disease-causing uric acid.

External treatment

Castor oil

Effective treatment for topical external use, castor oil has the ability to break down the crystals gathered in the gout area, as well as the ability of the oil to relieve swelling and redness.


Researchers from Boston University found that the balanced consumption of cherries in our diet without excessive it, will be considered a good complement to the Prevention of the disease, and Cherry is also considered an effective remedy for the disease to relieve symptoms.


The opinions expressed in this article are based on the published dietary supplements until 2017, so we recommend that you consult a doctor before introducing any food into your diet.

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