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What is the treatment of light hair from the front?

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The softness and low density of hair fibers is not a negative thing that greatly affects health and beauty

But it's a clear signal of the need to support people early before helping him at the age of forty, where experts advise.

The need to support thin hair fibers and increase their level of density and volume, to avoid losing them with age.

And we thank the most important methods used in the treatment of thinning hair.


It is a vasodilator, and its use in care products and shampoos has shown great effectiveness.

In enhancing the volume and density of hair fibers, it is used as per the instructions attached to the packaging.

Support center

We can support hair fibers on a diet rich in protein, iron, zinc, vitamin(12B).

This is done by eating lean meat, leafy vegetables, nuts, and fish.

While avoiding overeating food that causes body stress and loss of blood nutrition to the scalp.

Quiet massage for hair

We can massage the Froome while bathing in a calm and gentle motion to revive the blood flow of the hair follicles.

But the shampoo used must be free of synthetic chemicals.

And beware of drying hair with a towel in a harsh way, preferably leaving it to dry.

Auxiliary hormones

Hormone therapy is used for people with a genetic predisposition to hair loss, and it is one of the most dangerous methods of treatment so it is applied.

Under reliable medical supervision, it is worth mentioning that a hair-destroying hormonal disorder may result in birth control pills or menopausal disorders.

Blood test analysis

Can improve the blood test to detect the levels of vitamin(D) and iron store in bulk, which leads to decrease hair loss.

Supplementation is recommended only after consulting a doctor, as a random increase in iron leads to immediate death.

Getting rid of bad blood

The health of the hair is associated with the health and purity of the blood it feeds on, so some resort to cupping and herbs.

And Chinese needles to rid the body of negative energy and toxins accumulated by blood.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment reduces hair follicle infections which promote growth in them, researchers note increased hair density after 26 weeks.

Apply the treatment twice a week, and is available today some small household appliances for the treatment of hair color.

Stress relief

Sudden stress and chronic serious issues weaken the hair and help him, so steps should be taken seriously.

And the process of relieving stress through meditation, optimism, yoga, and sports practice.

Caution from heat

The Heat used by the hair straightener and styling device is one of the most destructive factors for hair fibers, causing their early and rapid damage and breakage.

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