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What is the treatment of nail clamshells with herbs?

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Treatment of psoriasis nails must because the nails are part of the skin layer, and depend on their growth, so the nail grows from its back part connected to the skin, and the injury of the skin psoriasis will inevitably affect the natural growth of nails, the appearance of psoriasis nails, and may not adhere to their appearance with psoriasis and :

Possible causes

  • Occurrence of fungal infections associated with nail thickening.
  • Genetic predisposition interacting with the surrounding environmental influences stimulating the disease.
  • Disruption of cells in the area of contact of the nail with the skin, which leads to the growth of the nail in an abnormal pattern.
  • Symptoms

  • Thin, painful, brittle, and weak nails with a painful bacterial infection.

Mortise nails :

Namely, the presence of a small hole on the surface of the nails as a result of loss of cells.

Nail detachment :

It starts as a small white or yellow spot and then spreads and blocks the nutrient blood supply to the nail, causing separation, and the area becomes suitable for the occurrence of painful bacterial infection

Hypodermic hyperkeratosis: the result of the accumulation of nail residues under the nail, which is very painful, especially when wearing shoes, and is more painful with psoriatic arthritis

 White nails :

It indicates partial, intermittent, or dotted white lines, and a Red Spot may appear underneath as a result of bleeding.

Treatment of nail psoriasis

Hydrating aloe vera

Psoriasis often leads to dry skin under the nails causing pain and slowing the growth of nail cells, and we can use aloe vera gel to moisturize the dryness, preventing breakage and redness of the nail lining.

Antifungal essential oils

Fungal infection is a common problem during squamous nails, we can stop the occurrence of its essential oils anti-fungal as tea tree oil, and it is applied in diluted substances moisturizing.

Hot water bath for nails

We soak the nails in a warm water bath at least once a month for 10 minutes, to avoid the accumulation of nail residues under the nail, which prevents keratosis and pain.

Medical treatment

  • With topical creams and antifungals with cosmetic treatments with fake nail extensions.
  • Or to remove the affected nail by surgery if the deformation is 70% of the nail.
  • UV light therapy or corticosteroid injection into the nail folds every 9 months.

Prevention of nail psoriasis

  • Do not lengthen nails and keep them clean.
  • Apply skin moisturizers near nails to promote cell growth.
  • Attention should be paid to dietary foods that support skin moisture, avoid processed foods.
  • Wear protective gloves during strenuous hands or feet work, to protect the nails from shattering.

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