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What is the treatment of neuroinditis naturally?

What is the treatment of neuroinditis naturally?

Treatment of neuroinfectivery may be one of the ways to treat this disease because nerve pain occurs as a result of a direct problem with the central nervous system or as a result of neuropathy between the central nervous system and organs, muscles, and limbs.

The reasons

  • Direct neurological injuries in traffic accidents and others
  • Stress, anxiety, fatigue, too much sleep, or even saying it.
  • Deficiency of one of the vitamins responsible for nerve health
  • As complications from blood sugar disorder, especially in diabetes
  • Attacking the immune system of nerves as a result of a serious autoimmune disorder
  • Therefore, we find it important to follow home remedies to relieve symptoms and to avoid the risk of neurological medications whose side effects have become known too far and wide.


Turmeric is one of the best anti-health substances, especially neurological ones, as turmeric has anti-inflammatory and oxidized properties to strengthen and resist the body, and can be added to the diet or apply turmeric topically in areas of tingling and pain in the feet and hands.


Massage is one of the best ways to stimulate and relieve circulation of nerve pain, in the area of tingling, burning, and pain to ensure that oxygen arrives properly


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to eliminate pain through the body's power points and lines, to activate nerves.

Quitting smoking

Many people do not realize that smoking is a factor in the seizure of blood vessels, this will reduce the blood flow on the nerves, and that undernutrition and oxygenation cause neuropathy.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol may be one of the leading causes of neuropathy, as a result of its toxic effects on the brain and preventing blood and oxygen from reaching the nerves.

Drinking water

Drinking the daily need for water is an effective idea to eliminate neurological pain, but over-watering above daily need will increase symptoms.


Exercise and yoga can detoxify, improve circulation, and relieve nerve pain.

Weight loss

Obesity contributes significantly to neuropathy, especially in the case of diabetes.


Containing omega-3 and vitamin B12 in salmon makes it a magical food to relieve inflammation in the body and prevent body pain in general.


To meditate a positive reaction to reducing stress hormones, improving circulation, regulating the heart rate, promoting weight loss, reducing inflammation, and neurological pain.


 Neuropathy may extend for a long time, but previous treatments have yielded long-term results after regularity and persistence.

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