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What is the treatment of premature graying permanently naturally?

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Treatment of premature graying is it possible? Where hair is considered a protein substance called keratin, and grows from the side of the follicles, and acquires its color through two types of pigment, namely melanin (black and brown), and pigment eumelanin (pink and red), and may change hair color to Gray at the age of 35 and above, and ends the occurrence of graying, some believe that it is signs of aging, but.

Occurs gray hair generally with a lack of secretion of melanin and pheomelanin cells pigmented past, connecting some of the research said the secretion decrease of the enzyme catalase wholesale, along with other reasons as follows :


Gray hair may be one of the family genes inherited, and most people manage it through healthy, pigment-stimulating foods.

Emotional stress

 Gray hair is associated with emotional stress as a result of hormonal disruption, and some research has shown the risk of anxiety and stress in DNA damage to the body under the influence of prolonged adrenaline secretion, which causes cellular abnormalities, one of the symptoms of which is gray hair.


Some diseases cause a temporary condition of gray hair, as in diseases of the thyroid gland, anemia, skin diseases that affect the function of pigmentation secretion

Neglect the diet 

Think vitamin deficiency(B12), iodine, and protein from the causes of gray hair early, and maybe caused by tea, coffee, and smoking.

Use of chemical dye and hot water

 Commercial dyes are harmful chemicals to the body, as a result of the accumulation of their additives on the scalp and follicles, and hot water causes the scalp follicles to weaken.

Home remedies for gray hair

  • Eat healthy creatine-supporting protein, along with vitamins A(B12) with iron, copper, zinc, and iodine.
  • Drinking ginger and honey are Chinese medicine treatments for gray hair, as well as a benefit with the intake of sesame seeds.
  • We can apply black tea and salt for an hour before washing with cold-warm water, as well as a benefit with the application of henna paste, yogurt, and fenugreek seeds.
  • We can apply cow's milk butter as an effective treatment for the condition, thanks to cow's milk containing enzymes that are effective in reversing the process of hair turning gray, and avoid the hydrogenated type of butter.
  • We avoid stress by exercising regularly, meditating, and spending quality time with family and friends.
  • We avoid smoking, tea, coffee, shampoo, strong detergents, hot water, and a hairdresser (with hot air), they damage the hair follicles and the layer of skin containing them.

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