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What is the treatment of redness of the eyes after sleep?

What is the treatment of redness of the eyes after sleep ? redness of the eye bloodshot eyes lumify bloodshot eye on one side red veins in eyes red eyes causes dogs eyes red red eyelids bloodshot eyes meaning red eye contacts

People often talk about a person's eyes as beautiful in the color of the iris whether it is honey, black, blue, or green, but they do not notice the whiteness of the eye that formed the background of this Color.

Perhaps the truth in the beauty of the eye lies in its clarity, the intensity of the gloss of its whiteness, and cosmetologists consider the intensity of the whiteness of the eye a good way to acquire attractiveness and charm, the intensity of whiteness makes our eyes look like a wide, shiny and more alert and active.

Some tips, support that will make our life more charming and attractive :


Poor white eye color sends a clear message to those we meet that we are in poor health, and may not be an expression of a particular disease but a reaction in which our body tries to tell us about malnutrition.

In turn, our attention to the health of our foods will reflect the health of our eyes, and most importantly, avoid the introduction of toxins into the body such as alcohol and nicotine by smoking or fat harmful to fast and fried grains.


Dry eye is one of the most prominent factors of turning the whites of the eye red, so we should drink our daily need of water to prevent dehydration, support detoxification, and stimulate the production of tears, and we should wash the eye a little when exposed to dust and polluted air.


Lack of sleep and fatigue are the fastest factors for redness and pallor of the eye, so nothing is equivalent to deep sleep to restore the luster of the eyes, and we can practice relaxation and meditation to enter deep sleep.


Sitting in front of the computer screen and TV most of the time, causes fatigue to the eyes, the hours of exposure to this radiation should be reduced, and keep the room well lit because the darkroom increases the dilatation of the pupil and the percentage of exposure to radiation from the screen.


Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays to the eyes.

Avoid rubbing the eye

It is not allowed to rub or rub the eye by hand, this leads to the transmission of bacteria to the conjunctiva and redness, and when having to wash the eye water as an alternative to rubbing.

Care products

Avoid frequent make-up and contact lenses as they are one of the most prominent factors of damage to the conjunctiva and cornea.

Early morning picnic

The cornea of the eye takes oxygen directly from the atmospheric air, not through the blood, so we find the need to be exposed to early morning air it is low pollution, and a lot of oxygen, which promotes eye health and activity, preferably just before sunrise, because the sun's Rays disintegrate the activated ozone gas for humans.

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