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What a way to get rid of acne and its effects permanently?

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Get rid of acne and its effects space mission to have suffered these pills in the period of youth, and because the facial skin is of suitable sensitive skin, they are highly vulnerable to weather factors, nutritional, psychological, and requires some care and attention, to keep Need net supple, free from pigmentation and acne, so we offer some observations that reduce the appearance of acne teen :

Mechanism of occurrence of acne on the face

The pores of the skin are connected to the subcutaneous sebaceous glands, and the disruption of these glands will lead to the closure of the pores due to increased sebaceous secretions, which build up under the skin and combine with bacteria that lead to inflammation and irritation.

Alleviating hormonal changes in adolescence

Hormonal changes increase sebaceous secretions that cause clogging of pores, and the increase in androgens in adolescence in females and males exacerbates the secretions that cause the appearance of grains more.

Hormonal disorders also occur in women as a result of pregnancy, the use of birth control pills, or as a result of a severe menstrual disorder.

Treatment: relieve physical and psychological fatigue leading to hormone disorder, and follow a healthy diet that is effective in regulating hormones in the body.

Avoid genetic problems

We should not worry about the role of genetics in the appearance of acne, because its effect will disappear after supporting the health of our bodies, feelings, and food, with natural foods and good health habits.

Relieve psychological stress

Some of the causes of stress are described by doctors as states of fear that adolescents feel of the anxiety of the appearance of acne, leading to hypochondria and psychological stress.

Treatment: calm, self-control, and acceptance, to quickly adjust the body's hormones, along with exercise, yoga, meditation, and support parents for young people.

Removing dead skin cells.

Hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, causes the mixing of fat with dead cells, preventing the natural regeneration of the skin, leading to pimples, and natural masks are recommended as an effective treatment in removing accumulations caused by dead skin cells.

Clean and wash skin

Often have a bacterial role in the appearance of pimples, so we should keep the environment that is not suitable for bacterial growth, by hygiene, avoid exposure to contaminated water, creams, and cosmetics.

Consult a doctor about medications

Some drugs have side effects on the body, the effect of which is the appearance of acne, so we should consult a doctor as an important step at this stage, to ensure their removal after stopping the drug, some continue even after stopping the drug.

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