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What's the best treatment for bad breath?

What's the best treatment for bad breath?

The best treatment for bad breath is to watch your mouth and everything it contains and what enters it, you can get rid of the bad breath by following 5 simple and unusual ways, the bad breath causes distress and inconvenience to the owner and the people around him, so we will provide ways to remove this smell and revive the mouth.

1. Chew parsley or oranges

At the end of rich lunches or after a romantic dinner, chew the parsley leaf that has remained in the dish, the parsley is rich in chlorophyll, a mouth-scented with antibacterial properties.

If parsley is not available, and you have oranges in your hands, peel it and eat it, its citric acid will boost the salivary glands and encourage the flow of fresh saliva.

2. Taking care of the tongue

Rub your tongue hard with teeth, the tongue can be covered with bacteria that cause protein fermentation, and produce gases that smell bad, so rubbing the tongue expels these bacteria, and then you can rinse it with water.

3. Natural ingredients

Most advertised brands that are said to refresh themselves are not, and effective products in this area are rare, but when rinsing the mouth with chlorine dioxide compounds, this will break down the sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath, after which toothpaste containing tea tree oil, a natural disinfectant, can be used.

4. Don't skip meals

Do not exceed any meal without eating it, when you do not eat for a long period of time, the mouth will dry a lot and form fertile ground for bacteria.

5. Lose the smell of the mouth self

Does your mouth smell bad? To find out for yourself, put your mouth covered enough, exhale heavily, and then smell the smell, if it smells bad for you, it means it's bad for others too, and this sniffing test can be applied to the dental floss after gently pulling it out of it.

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