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What's the best way to boil eggs?

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The best way to conduct eggs is an important matter we parted because the traditional way is SLQ eggs with water and heated salmonella die or delete the Shell to its income via especially utilitarian enjoyed by the eggshell so we can bring some of the most beautiful mind steam killed the fallen salmonella exposing the Shell to water.

Method of preparation

We put that to about ½ sell this appropriate pot until boiling it Khak high, and consensus we put on top of it a salad or a metal strainer to benefit the Steam.

We arrange the eggs it filtered city and lower the fire to translate excellent to high and cover the dish until the Steam gathers in it.

We use steaming the eggs for about 6 minutes, the contract Needs House semi-flush annual 12 hours to prepare the eggs perfectly.

Transfer the eggs to a cold water farewell or put them under tap water and start by peeling them until they are hard to serve.

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