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Why don't women feel cold compared to men?

Why don't women feel cold compared to men?

Why women do not feel cold compared to men the organs of the sense in man give it the abilities to recognize the ocean and interact with it and perform the protective function of our bodies involuntarily using sensory nerve endings special heat, scientists have noticed the different sensitivity to cold between men and women, and provided a set of scientific explanations :

Body heat

It may seem unexpected that the body temperature of women is higher than that of men, but it is a fact published in the study of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the USA.

This difference in body temperature will affect the factor of sensitivity to cold, as the sensitivity of the cold in the body increases the greater the difference of degrees between the body and the surrounding medium, for example, if the temperature of the woman is 37, and the man is 36, and the temperature of the air is 10 degrees, the difference of hypothermia with the ocean in women will be greater than.

Birth control pills 

May women use hormonal contraceptives, the hormones, the effect of disorder is large on the vital functions, and in this disorder body temperature, when addressing women pills body temperature increases, and thus become more sensitive to cold than other women.

Cold parties

A study published in the British medical journal (Lancet) shows that hands and feet in women are a few degrees more sensitive to cold than men.


According to an article published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and physiology of the American Physiological Society, men have about 23% higher metabolic rates than women.

The increase in the metabolic rate of the body increases the number of calories burned and converted into fuel for the operation of organs, and thus the heating rates of the body increase so that the speed of heating the body in women is lower than in men in the case of exposure to cold.

We advise you to take preventive measures to avoid the cold and its negative health effects through :

Follow morning exercise to raise metabolism and prepare the body to burn food and fat and give energy to the body early.

Warm the limbs by wearing gloves and socks, especially during pregnancy.

Eat healthy foods that raise body heat in the winter, with a doctor's consultation for the nursing and pregnant the direction of these foods.

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