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Winter-friendly foods

Winter-friendly foods

 Food fit winter becomes a need when winter, and these days is more for the best fruits and vegetables available which provide us with vitamins and minerals, the colors of the fresh foods gives a feeling of freshness, providing the body with nutrients that strengthen the immune system, healthy skin, improved appetite and need a good.

The best foods for the winter

1. Green tea

It is very useful to enjoy hot sips of green tea in cold weather, green tea is rich in antioxidants that help reduce the level of stress and stress, it also acts as a bacterial and viral antagonist, and is the biggest booster of the immune system.

2. Veggies with roots

The roots and tubers are filled with a good amount of minerals and a good amount of fiber, vegetables such as chondr, carrots, and turnips, have cold-resistant properties, cooked carrots boost levels of beta-carotene, and turnips boost vitamin C and A.

3. Hot soups

You should always rely on soups and soups for which water or broth forms the basis with fresh vegetables.

4. Broccoli

The opportunity should not be wasted when broccoli is available in stores in large quantities and cheap price, you should take enough to build reservoirs of vitamin C.

5.  Garlic and ginger

We'll be a lot of benefits when you add ginger and garlic to all that attended and build strong immunity, good mood and his food.

Both garlic and ginger give protection from the cold and help the body resist it.

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