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Women's urinary inflammation causes and treatment

Women's urinary inflammation causes and treatment

Urinary tract infection in women is painful, more than annoying, and about 20% of women are exposed to these infections at some point. Therefore, attention is paid to everything that can alleviate the degree of suffering, but first you need to identify some surprising causes that lead to urinary tract infection, which some may not pay attention to.

1. Cold, flu, allergies

The longer the urine stays in the bladder, the greater the risk of being infected with urinary tract infection, because it gives time for the growth of bacteria, as well as some drugs cause it, a health recommendation issued by Harvard University warned that antihistamines can lead to urinary tract infection, as well as decongestants have the same effect, which

2. Birth control

If you use a diaphragm to prevent pregnancy, it may expose you to the problem of urinary tract infection, it has been reported that the membrane presses on the bladder causing difficulty in emptying it, which is one of the causes of inflammation.

Spermicides can also upset the balance of bacteria, putting the body in real trouble, so if you have a re-infection, see your doctor to try other methods of birth control.

3. Chicken

A study published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases that there is a genetic relationship between the bacteria e. if a contaminated chicken is touched and then goes to the bathroom, the bacteria are likely to be transmitted to the body through the hands.

To avoid this you should take care to wash your hands thoroughly before and after preparing food, cook raw meat well.

4. Sexual life

Urinary tract infection is not sexual, but the sexual process may cause bacteria to come into contact with the urethra, raising the risk of infection, because most infections begin 24 hours after sexual activity.

Another sexual factor that causes urinary tract injury is the new partner, or multiple sexual partners.

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