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Sleep - inducing foods and drinks

Sleep - inducing foods and drinks

 Prepare to surrender to a deep sleep with these soothing foods and drinks.

It is known as the eating hearty meals and some specific foods can keep a person awake all night, and maybe tried in US.

After he avoids it. But in turn and without some realizing, there are certain foods that can make the condition suitable for sleep. Private:

- The foods that contain tryptophan (an amino acid that turns into chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and melatonin).

- Whole grain carbohydrates (which promote insulin production).

- Certain minerals (such as calcium and magnesium).

- Some herbs (which give a feeling of relaxation).

If you want a comfortable and deep sleep, it is best to have a snack about one hour before going to bed.

It is a good option:

1. Half a banana and a handful of almonds:

The combination of tryptophan and carbohydrates, and soothing magnesium can help to feel sleepy.

And anyone who doesn't like Bananas, You have some cherries, instead, it is a natural source of melatonin.

2. Whole grains with pistachio butter:

It's another magical combination of tryptophan + complex carbohydrates that will promote hibernation.

3. A cup of warm milk:

Drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime can help you sleep better, thanks to tryptophan, which is available in.

Dairy besides calcium, magnesium. Only it should be emphasized to drink a small cup and not a huge one, otherwise the entrance to the bath will abound at night.

3. Small bowl of whole wheat cereal with milk:

 Tryptophan contained in milk, calcium, magnesium, along with carbohydrates and magnesium in cereals can feel sleepy.

It is preferable to choose low-sugar pills, so as not to get high blood sugar that can hurt. Or hot oatmeal can be prepared.

With milk, because oatmeal is a rich source of Bailey enhanced growth.

4. Half a sandwich of Turkish chicken:

Especially when prepared with whole wheat (rich in carbohydrates, Composite and magnesium) and two turkey slices ( the most famous source of tryptophan).

5. A cup of herbal tea:

 Chamomile, passion flower, silk tea all these herbs have a calming effect.

For an extra dose of calm, a teaspoon of honey is added, which contains tryptophan.

( It is preferable to stay away from ginseng tea because it has a tonic effect.) Emphasizing a meal from the light side before bedtime.

The last thing you want to do is strain your stomach and prepare yourself for a night of twists and turns or consume extra calories in your stressful attempts to calm yourself to sleep.

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