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What are the benefits of yoga exercises for?

Benefits of yoga exercises for the body, yoga focuses on the body's natural inclination for health and self-healing. The goal of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony between the mind

 Yoga focuses on the body's natural tendency to health and self-healing.

The goal of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony between the mind and the heart.

Member of the family medicine orthodontic center and certified yoga instructor at the londalini Center in Hollywood California.

While there are more than 100 different types and schools of yoga, most yoga sessions usually contain breathing exercises.

Meditation and claiming postures (the so-called Are Made) which are based on stretching and flexing a variety of muscles.

Yoga focuses on preventive medications, exercises and the ability to self-medicate bodies, says Dr.Nevins: is a great tool for maintaining on health.

Physical benefits:

Relaxation technique in yoga can relieve chronic pain such as: lower back pain, arthritis, head pain, and Syndrome.

Carpal tunnel. She explains Dr. Nevins: yoga lowers blood pressure and relieves insomnia.

There are other physical benefits of yoga, such as:

Increase flexibility, increase muscle strength and elasticity, improve breathing, energy and vitality, maintain balance in metabolism.

Lose weight, relieve heart and circulatory diseases, improve Sports Performance, protect from wounds.

Mental benefits:

Besides the physical benefits, one of the good benefits is how to help a person control the stress known for its effects.

Devastating to the body and mind, stress reveals itself in several ways such as: back and neck soreness, sleep problems, head soreness.

Substance abuse, inability to concentrate, says Dr. Nevins: yoga is very influential in developing coping skills.

To achieve more positive external expectations in life, yoga integrates meditation and breathing which improves mental abilities.

The adoption of yoga exercises creates a clear and calm mind, increases body awareness, relieves chronic anxiety patterns, relaxes the mind, concentrates.

Attention and sharpen focus, says Dr. Nevins: body awareness and self-awareness are very useful because it early detects problems.

The body is what allows an early preventive action to be taken.

Welcome to beginners.:

Anyone can start yoga there are many yoga exercises whether it's due to the accumulation of fat or Fit Sport.

Even if you vary in size and fitness, there is no problem as any adjustments can be made to the posture of yoga exercises to become suitable for all styles.

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