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What are the causes of frequent headaches in men?

What are the causes of frequent headaches in men?

According to a recent study, the lack of vitamin D levels can increase.

Problems of exposure to chronic headache pain in middle-aged and older men.

The results showed that people with a low level of this vitamin have susceptibility to infection

Headaches are two times more likely than those with higher levels.

Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with chronic tension headaches, possibly causing osteoarthritis

Previous studies have found that vitamin D plays a role in several diseases of nervous angioedema.

The study added that having a low intake of vitamin D is associated with increased problems of exposure to chronic diseases, he says.

Researchers from the University of Finland eastern.

For the study, the team analyzed vitamin levels and headache incidence is about 2,600 men of age.

Between 42 – 60 years old.

Vitamin D levels were found to be less than 50 nmol per liter in 68% of men, which is usually considered.

Threshold of vitamin D deficiency.

People with little exposure to the sun's medium-range ultraviolet rays ( a major source of vitamin D)

The researchers suggested that they should make sure to get the right amount of vitamins from food or dietary supplements.

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