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What is the difference between table salt and rock salt is?

What is the difference between table salt and rock salt is?

 Salt has gained notoriety in the past, but today it seems that there are a lot of.

Arguing about whether salt is healthy or not. It is important to note that the type of salt makes all the difference in that it is healthy or not.

For example, man-made table salt is not the same as mineral-rich natural salt. Real Salt has many important roles.

In the body and avoiding it can cause problems.

1. Table salt or table salt = bad

Table salt, which consists of 97% sodium chloride, is a chemically produced product, from which most food ingredients are withdrawn.

It also contains aluminum in several forms and this is associated with Alzheimer's disease and other problems in the body.

And this kind of salt doesn't actually happen naturally, so when we put a sea fish in water that contains table salt, it dies.

It is also free from many traces of minerals that the body needs, so it is wise to avoid it.

If you use this salt at home, you should get rid of it directly, or use it to clean and deal with stains.

( Important not to use as food).

2.Natural salt or rock salt = good

As much as table salt is bad, Real Salt is healthy, necessary and good.

While regular intake of table salt is associated with diseases and health problems, we throw newborns into salted water.

The body has a high concentration of many minerals and nutrients which you need the money, and must have the right focus.

Of these nutrients in the bones, blood and the rest of the organs to perform their work appropriately.

For the people who don't get the required amount of daily consumption of water alone, it must contain a careful balance.

Of minerals, including Salt.

Why should I eat more salt?

There are 5 reasons why we consume more healthy salt every day؛

1. For the treatment of insulin allergy :

The availability of the relationship between the amount of salt consumed and cardiovascular problems a lot of scrutiny recently. At the same time

Researchers see an association between mild salt consumption and insulin resistance, and as is known, a higher rate of.

Blood sugar causes a lot of problems.

2. Hydration:

Eating marinade every morning boosts energy, relieves allergy symptoms, and hydrates the body.

Salt (and traces of minerals found in natural salt species) is very necessary for proper hydration.

3. To prolong life :

It is expected that eating a small amount of salt is actually associated with a person's short life span. Experts explain:

The average American salt intake is 3,700 mg of sodium per day, and this has been going on for the last 50 years.

Many have high blood pressure and heart disease, while the Japanese, one of the most durable people in the world, consume daily at a rate.

4650mg of sodium but they are less susceptible to heart disease than the rest of the people of developed countries.

4. For hormones :

Salt has been shown to speed up the process of ridding the blood of cortisol, and as much as this process is faster as we can get rid of stress.

Stress and the longer cortisol stays, the more stressed we will remain. Stress has also been shown to increase appetite for Salt.

5. For digestion:

A significant improvement in digestion has been observed in some since they consumed the moisturizing salted substance, Sole, every morning. News recently supported this view.

Salt plays a key role in digestion and absorption processes. For example, salt allows the taste papillae in the mouth to distinguish the flavor of food, and also plays a role.

Important in digestion by analyzing food. Salt also makes hydrochloric acid, which is a very important digestive secretion on the walls of the stomach.

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