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Why does not my blog being accepted on Google AdSense? what is the secret of accepting my blog on AdSense? how to be accepted on AdSense in a short time? These questions are constantly being repeated specifically by new bloggers because they are ignorant of the basic principles of their acceptance of this rigorous profitability platform.

Yes, Google AdSense is strict as it requires its publishers to put the privacy policy in their sites or bloggers because it is one the terms of acceptance Google AdSense account.

Privacy policy:

It is an article that you must write on your blog, site or forum. Do not write this article in a normal message or subject, but you should write it on a sub-page such as (Home, Blog Goal, Contact Us, etc.)
Do not worry, the matter is worse than you might imagine. You will not write a single word from your brain but it is an article that is ready to only copy and paste where Google requires you to write it as we will explain later.

So very briefly we can know privacy policy as:

A page tells you that you are using Google AdSense ads on your site or blog. With this program, Google will take some visitor data to provide them with ads that suit them without knowing their names or any mobile numbers or any personal information but just know the IP device to offer them the items they fit.

  • Steps have to do
All you have to do is go to this link and then make a page like it exactly by copying and pasting as explained previously.

If you are using the feature of "Read more", you should create a new page in your blog and write a new page.
Go to the Blog Control Panel -> Publish -> Pages -> New Page -> and then paste the Privacy Policy page template.


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